How to keep your babies super entertained?

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When the babies are born, they are entering a new world and all their senses are very primitive and sharp. Often when you look into a young child’s eyes there is no trace of self, only luminous emptiness. They are very watchful and observant of what is coming in through their senses; especially through their eyes and ears. They constantly learn and imitate behaviors by watching and listening to their parents. Their young minds evolve based on the information you feed them.

They slowly start analyzing the outside world and begin to create their own reaction patterns based on their tiny thought processes. In this stage of their life, it is very important to feed your young ones with complete positivity and fill their minds with the feelings of Joy, Love, and Compassion. Their early education actually starts at home right from the time they are born.

Top 3 ways to entertain your Baby –

Story Telling for Infants and Toddlers is one of the best ways to mold their young minds with a positive attitude towards life. As they start thinking and analyzing the stories in their minds they tend to become very creative and this process helps in the young child’s brain and Neurological development.

Through these little puppets, we offer 100 moral stories that encourage your infant’s / toddler’s cognitive development as a free gift when you purchase our 10pcs Finger Puppets Plush Toy for Story Telling. This offer is to encourage better bonding with your baby through storytelling. With these finger puppets, you can create a story about the beautiful nature of each animal.

Early Development Toys – These toys are specially designed by child psychiatrists and advanced pediatricians for the child’s early cognitive development. They like the idea of putting things apart and then put them back together, this offers them great fun. It offers them hours of sit-play and stimulates their reflexes at the same time.

Make some Noise and Funny Faces – Toys that make noises intrigue the baby and keep them entertained. If you do not have any toys available then you can encourage your little ones to tap on pots and pans, shake a box of grains or oatmeal, etc. Making funny faces like sticking out your tongue and making wide eyes with a loud laugh will also entertain them.

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