Reasons why babies cry and ways to soothe them

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  • The most common reason your newborn might cry is because he’s hungry. Baby might feel hungry even if you have fed him sometime back because his stomach is small; he can’t hold much and gets hungry soon. So, it’s good to feed him whenever he cries or demands.
  • Babies that are less than 4 months may cry persistently especially late evenings. This happens in healthy babies and it is absolutely normal. This is generally called Colic. Your baby maybe frustrated and no matter what you do it may be difficult to comfort her
  • Babies like physical contact so they know they’re secure and safe. They may feel good when they get to feel your heartbeat, warmth of your body and also your smell.
  • Your baby may be too tired when there are guests visiting her and she may find it hard to sleep when there are so many people around. This might be a reason for her to cry and when she does make sure you take her to a quiet and calm place.
  • Always remember to check your baby’s body temperature. He may cry because he’s feeling too hot or too cold. Cover the baby if he’s feeling cold and unwrap if he’s feeling too hot.
  • Another reason for them to cry may be because they need a nappy change. Their skin may feel irritated after sometime or they may feel cold when the napkin is filled
  • When the baby cries in a high pitch tone or in an unusual way they may be unwell. Teething may also be a reason for them to cry


Here are things you may try to soothe your baby


  • You can play white noise sounds
  • Swing your baby or gently rock her
  • Carry her and walk
  • Try to massage, touch her gently
  • Give her a warm bath
  • Try different position to feed
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